Dealing With the Death of a Loved One

by Max on avril 26, 2012

Death of a very close loved one can be the most horrifying experience in a person’s life especially if it is sudden and unexpected; you feel a rush of emotions as the reality sinks in and you start realizing how your world has turned upside down in just a couple of minutes. Anger, betrayal, sadness, helplessness and a deep sense of grief takes over your mind and soul as you try to accept the on-goings around you; your mind tells us that everything is going to be alright but your heart denies it – it knows that nothing is going to be the same ever again. These emotions are natural to come as soon as you learn about the death but with the passage of time, you need to move forward because the world does not stop with the death of a person – the sooner you realize this fact, the better you will be able to deal with the entire situation.

Getting over the death of your loved one may be impossible, but what you can try to do is to divert your attention towards other things because the more you think about your loved one, the more depressed you will feel and hence you will never be able to move on with your life. You can make yourself busy with studies, social meeting, adopting a new hobby, going out for shopping etc. Do not feel as if you are betraying your loved ones memory by moving on with life; always remember that he/she would also have wanted you to be happy and maybe seeing you in high spirits makes him more comfortable in heaven.

It may take a long time to recovery from the emptiness that you feel inside, but have faith in time – it is the best healer, it will make you see the silver lining behind every dark cloud. Losing your faith is not the solution – instead try to be head strong, you are not the only one suffering in this world. So stop pitying yourself and think of all those people who have lost their entire families or loved ones due to war or a natural disaster. Counting your blessing can make you realize that you are still better off than many; be thankful for what you are left behind with before you start losing it too. In addition to this, value the people around you while they are alive; grieving over their death and regretting that you were never able to tell them how much you loved them is not going to change anything once they are gone.

Lastly, you need to understand that your loved one has moved on from one world to another but he is still there for you and watching over you; so for his sake, it is very important that you continue with your life while taking care of his family and friends who are suffering as much as you are. Remembering him in your prayers every night will help you build an eternal connection with him that no death can break.


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